In case the title didn’t communicate this well my knee injury from running has taken a turn for the worse. I’ve been told to expect at least 3 weeks, probably more, where I cannot run.

Being Injured is hard. You get told to take it easy, to rest, to not work hard. For some people being told to go sit on the couch is a blessing, an excuse. If you love exercising and taking care of yourself its a curse. Knowing that doing the things you enjoy will damage you even more. The trick is, this is till training.

True Training The point of training is to improve. To improve your body, but also your mind. Especially in traithlon, mental toughness plays a huge part of your training. Learning to endure when it is boring, tiring, and hard. The truth of the matter is, thats just as true when you have to rest. The discipline you get from resting correctly, following a physical therapists instructions, and focusing on things you can do while you recover is essential.

I’ve mostly been swimming to compensate as that is ok with a little bike riding. Its been hard not to push hard or to work through pain in my knee, but that discipline makes me better. I’m not stronger, tougher, or faster from injuring myself further, im just stupid. Its hard but injury is one of those things we cant skip past.